Bout of Books: Book Crack mini-challenge

bookgoonie’s mini-challenge for today asks: What is your Book Crack? What can you NOT SAY NO to? What bookish things make you blissful?

Russian folklore reimagining
Sleeping Beauty retelling

I have a weakness for fairy tale reimaginings/retellings (the twistier, the better!), as well as stories where someone goes to Fairyland/Faerie (willingly or unwillingly). Robin McKinley is a good example, but if I read the premise and it is a new take on a fairy tale, I’m halfway sold already.




10060016I also love stories that are retellings of really old stories but told from a different character’s perspective. Some examples are Lavinia by Ursula K Le Guin (The Aeneid), The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller (The Iliad) and Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis (Cupid and Psyche). Different authors treating a story that you love is always really interesting. If it’s bad, of course, it makes me 500 times as angry, but if it’s good, it feels like additional “canon.”



As for “bookish things” that make me “blissful,” I love seeing interesting ways to decorate your house using books or bookshelves, odd bookstores, and “book architecture.”

Kansas City Public Librarytumblr_m9p910gJcw1qd5tf8o1_500El Ateneo Bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentinatumblr_mb70bbI6Jn1rq31qso1_500

Author: bahnree

just a simple girl trying to read my way through the universe

6 thoughts on “Bout of Books: Book Crack mini-challenge”

  1. I definitely agree about ‘book porn’, as I call it. I love seeing how people house and arrange their books, how they create their libraries and book nooks, and work their love for reading into their houses. Me and Pinterest are like *that* when it comes to bookish decor… 😉

    You’ve added a couple more books to my library list too, thanks! Hehe, like I needed any more!

  2. Beautiful Bookshelves 🙂
    I love retellings. I think there is a great place for retellings. If I ever teach English, I think I would totally use them with the classic and do something…I don’t know. I am not an English teacher, but a Social Studies teacher. But I am thinking about it.

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