Review: CAPTAIN MARVEL VOLUME 1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick


ISBN: 0785165495

What You Get: The first six issues of Marvel Now’s new Captain Marvel series by Kelly Sue DeConnick with Dexter Roy and Emma Rios as artists. Ms. Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, is taking on the mantle of Mar-Vell, the previous Captain Marvel. There’s also a few pages of Carol Danvers’ biography in the back of the book, which is really handy for filling in all the gaps for new readers of this character (like me).

The Story: It successfully establishes Carol Danvers as the new Captain Marvel, and contains a fabulous time travel story that catches us up on her origin story, the people important to her, her powers, and what kind of a hero she is.

The first issue shows her reluctantly taking up Captain Marvel’s mantle, urged by Cap America (who is great). There’s a great fight scene where the two Captains team up, and it’s really fun seeing them work together so well (especially in “shielding” the civilians).

The rest of the volume explores Carol’s hesitancy in her new role by giving her the option of changing her life completely so that she isn’t a Captain Marvel or even a superhero anymore; but this personal journey is entrenched in a rollicking time-travel story with many kickass ladies as supporting characters. There’s a team of World War II pilots in issues 3-4 that I especially loved. Issues 5-6 focuses exclusively on the pasts of Helen Cobb, an important woman from Carol’s past, and Carol herself, and the two women find themselves alternately teaming up and fighting each other to work out all the flaws (or supposed flaws) in the timeline. Carol has to figure out whether or not she is who she is supposed to be, and whether what she wants matters. Helen and Carol have so much sass and swag that this is all endless fun.

Minor complaint: It’s clear that Burke and Carol have a strong, caring relationship, but there isn’t any explanation in the main issues of why that is. The biography answers questions but it still seemed odd that it isn’t shown or commented on in the main story.

from #1 by Dexter Soy

The Art: The art matches the tone and style of the stories being told perfectly. It is perfect and I love it. Dexter Soy’s art in issues 1-4 is colorful and dark and vibrant and full of movement, and it is pretty much my favorite comic art I have ever experienced. Issues 5-6, by Emma Rios, have a pretty different style, but it evokes Soy’s in certain ways. Plus it’s a little retro, with lots of sharp edges and sassy ladies in awesome 60s clothing, and fits the story it is telling perfectly. LOTS OF PERFECTION, HERE, ARE YOU GETTING THAT.

from #5 by Emma Rios
from #5 by Emma Rios

My Rating: five out of five stars


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