BoB 13: Bookish Survey

1. How do you organize your shelves?

BOY HOWDY, SALLY, I SURE AM GLAD YOU ASKED. I organize them by genre, and then sub-genre, and then sub-sub-genre. And then if I’ve gotten to sub-sub-sub-genre, I resort to putting similar books next to each other (big hardbacks, baby penguin paperbacks, etc). And obviously I have a shelf just for Star Wars books.
2. What is one of your favorite book that’s not in one of your favorite genres?

Whose Body by Dorothy Sayers. I don’t read murder mysteries often, but I love that book and the Lord Peter series SO SO SO MUCH. So many feels of a loving nature.
3. What is the last 5 star book you read?


The Boy Who Lost Fairyland by Catherynne M. Valente. Delicious wording, that majestic authoress does.
4. What book are you most excited to read during the read-a-thon?

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews because my brosis @snazel loves the series. Or Rosemary and Rue for the same reason. I’m trying to get into urban fantasy more, if that wasn’t transparent.
5. What book do you recommend the most?

UGH WHAT KIND OF MOUNTAINOUS QUESTION OF DIFFICULTY IS THAT, CORDELIA? I guess The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison. It came out last year and I’ve read it three times and I want it to live a long and happy and prosperous life, like an elephant matron.