Treasure Island Readalong

Following on the heels of our awesome Dracula readalong, a Treasure Island Readalong will be coming to a hashtag near you starting in November 2016! Join us on twitter, instagram, or whatever social media you desire. The discussion hashtag will be: #TreasuRead (thanks again to @gingernifty).


Here’s the reading schedule:

By November 7th, you should have chapters 1-8 read.
By November 14th, you should have chapters 9-17 read.
By November 21nd, you should have chapters 18-26 read.
By November 28th, you should have chapters 27-34 read.

If we can arrange it, we will also do some watchalongs of some Treasure Island-esque movies.

Just like for the Dracula readalong, I will be posting on this blog a couple of times a week with quotes, observations, and other nonsense.

Please let me know if you have ideas or suggestions for the readalong! 

Author: bahnree

just a simple girl trying to read my way through the universe

2 thoughts on “Treasure Island Readalong”

  1. Suggestion: we all go on an actual journey on a ship to a deserted island to look for buried treasure.
    Alternative suggestion: host a mutiny at your respective place of business.

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