Dracula: Further Reading (2)

We’re over halfway through our readalong of Dracula, and the plot, as they say, continues apace. I don’t know about you but everything is getting pretty intense.

The novel has an obvious influence on pop culture, and has inspired many movies, books, and comics. For this post I wanted to take a look at a few books that were inspired by Dracula and feature our favorite blood-sucking patriarch in some fashion. If you think I should have included any others, let me know in the comments!

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova:

Published in 2005, this is one of the more recent books inspired by Dracula, and a very excellent one. We’ve seen the way Van Helsing’s crew has begun to use documentation and information as a defense against Dracula, and that’s an idea that The Historian takes and runs with. The heroes of the book are all historians and librarians, and only very rarely shows any vampiric activity. It’s less horrific but more atmospheric; it’s suspenseful and thoughtful and complex. The story takes place partially in the “present day” of the narrator in 1972, but also flashes back to her father’s research in the 1950s. Worth the read!

Hellsing by Kohta Hirano:

This is a 10-volume manga series and whereas The Historian is inspired by the more mundane methods of vampire-hunting, this story is very much a horror story. The story focuses on an organization called “Hellsing” whose mission is to fight against evil supernatural monsters, such as vampires. However, they also use their own pet vampire, “Alucard.” Yes….Dracula spelled backwards. It’s fine. Hellsing is very dark and extremely graphic, but the story is gripping and the cast is full of fascinating anti-heroes. Besides Alucard, there’s Integra, the boss of Hellsing (and a descendant of Van Helsing?), as well as Seras, a young policewoman who is turned into a vampire but does her best to use her powers for Hellsing.

Dracula the Un-Dead by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt:

I haven’t read this one but it is a sequel to the original novel (sanctioned by the Stoker family). It features older versions of the original characters, along with some new ones, in a mystery revolving around a in-book theatrical production of Dracula, directed by Bram Stoker. Yes, it sounds wild and probably is a hot mess, but it exists.

Renfield: Slave of Dracula by Barbara Hambly:

I just found out this book exists and not to get nerdy or anything but the author has written some truly wild Star Wars novels. The combination of her plots with our favorite asylum escapee sounds like a great time.

Did I miss something you love or have heard about? I know there’s a lot of blood-sucking books out there.

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