Dracula: Modern AU

This post contains spoilers for the first 17 chapters of Dracula.

London, 2016:

Jonathan Harker, a real estate agent, has to travel to Romania to pitch some London properties to an extremely wealthy client that wants to move to London. Jonathan’s fiancee Mina is a journalist working for a London newsblog. She had a last-minute interview on the coast or she would have gone with him. Since they met they’ve been writing emails to each other in Elvish, Klingon, and other made-up languages of their own because they are huge nerds and because Mina is paranoid about her stories getting stolen.


When Jon goes to Transylvania, all the locals try to convince him not to meet up with Count Dracula. As evidence, they produce all these weird Vines of fog, bats, and one of a wolf in the distance but nothing concrete because vampires can’t be filmed. He thinks they’re trying to prank him since he’s British. Count Dracula lives off in the boonies so Jon has to take a bus and then meet Dracula at one of the stops. The Count gets there just in time, rolling up in a shiny Rolls Royce because obviously.

Jonathan gets trapped without any communication as there isn’t any cell service or wifi. Instead of emailing Mina, Jon keeps writing email drafts just in case he finds a way to send them. He’s a 21st century man and doesn’t consider smoke signals or flares.

While Jonathan is in Romania, Mina goes to her interview and then visits her friend Lucy, a socialite who studied interior design. Lucy is proposed to by three guys who all know each other from Afghanistan: Arthur, a philanthropic trust fund baby; Jack, a doctor at a mental hospital; and Quincey, an American daredevil who can’t catch a break. When Mina catches Lucy sleepwalking, she keeps it secret from most because Lucy is engaged to a famous rich guy (Arthur) and Mina doesn’t want to cause any trouble with the paparazzi. Mina is then called off because her husband has been found at an airport suffering from major trauma.

Renfield, one of Jack’s patients, is a Gulf war veteran suffering from PTSD and a nervous breakdown….or that’s what modern science says.

Van Helsing is a hipster natural medicine doctor with a following but also a lot of critics.

When Lucy gets sick, they put her in a real hospital and everything except Van Helsing can’t get them to put enough security on her room so him and the boys trade off watching her. They all try to donate blood but it turns out Jack can’t pass the drug test. Mina comes back immediately thanks to a text from Lucy and also donates a lot of blood.


During Lucy’s final attack by Dracula, she is trapped in the hospital with a bunch of unconscious staff so she whips out her phone and texts Van Helsing and company, who immediately come to the hospital and save her from imminent undeath.

The whole group then embarks on a mission to hunt down the vampire Dracula, who they all witnessed mid-act at the hospital and also they have all seen Buffy so they know what’s up now. They can’t warn anyone else because whenever they try to film anything, nothing shows up because vampires can’t be seen on camera. No one benches Mina at any point.

They probably all live happily ever after?

Honestly I’m surprised at how easily you could transfer the whole story to modern-day. What do you think about my AU? What would you do differently, or how would you do other parts of the story? 



Author: bahnree

just a simple girl trying to read my way through the universe

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