NaNoWrimo: Pep Talk

I wrote this for my regional forum, but I’m posting it here too for those of you participating in NaNoWrimo 2016.


Congratulations, writer: we are almost halfway there!

Some people say week 2 is the most difficult. Honestly, I think every single day we sit our butts down and get some words out are the hardest. Even on days when the words are “flowing,” it still takes an act of will to get on that chair and make an effort. That being said, there are a lot of methods and tools to help you out and get your creative juices flowing.

Me, I adore word crawls. These are themed prompts of sorts that inspire you to write a little at a time until before you know it, you’ve written anywhere from 500 to 5,000 words! I discovered them last year (I’m not sure when they started) and they’re amazing.

You can see an example here on the NaNoWriMo blog.

There’s also a bunch in the Word Wars forum. I really recommend you check them out. They’ve saved my word count time after time.


Another good resource is the NanoWordSprints twitter. They have different hosts who will take over running sprints, often with fun themes. There was a Pokemon-themed one last night, and there have been Marvel, Star Wars, etc this month too.

Last but not least, if you need help getting your butt in the chair and typing out some words, go to a regional write-in! I’m a horrible example as I haven’t made it to one this month yet, but don’t be like me!!! Save yourself!!!!!

Good work getting this far, no matter how many words you have written so far. The month isn’t over yet so don’t be discouraged if you’re behind. GO GO GO.



Author: bahnree

just a simple girl trying to read my way through the universe

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