Treasure Island: Further Reading (2)

As we finish up Treasure Island this week, I thought I’d scour the booklists for related piratical reading. Like for Dracula, there are a lot of unofficial sequels to Treasure Island out there. There’s even what appears to be a Ben Gunn-focused book , for all those rabid Ben Gunn fans out there. Are there rabid Ben Gunn fans? Do I want to know?

Fair warning: I haven’t read any of the below.

  • For those of you who want to know more about Robert Louis Stevenson, here’s a biography by Frank McLynn. In my extra reading on him, I’ve been learning that besides classics like  Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, he also wrote poetry and essays and fables. Interesting dude.
  • Speaking of, here is a collection of Robert Louis Stevenson’s essays.
  • I’m really curious about this comedy  by Sara Levine about a recent college grad who becomes obsessed with Treasure Island and its “principles.” I can relate to an improper literary obsession at an advanced age. It can turn out badly.
  • Andrew Motion has a couple of sequels to Treasure Island in which Jim’s son and Silver’s daughter return to the island. Part of me is “yikes” and part of me is “Oooo.”
  • John Drake has a prequel trilogy about Silver, Flint and Flint’s crew. Just the idea is terrifying to me, but I’m guessing there’s an audience for that based on the success of Starz’ Black Sails show which has a similar premise.
  • Last but possibly not least, another sequel in which Jim Hawkins himself has to return to the island. Because….reasons? It sounds like a re-tread for me, but at least all the main surviving characters are back.

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