Top 10 Tuesday: New-To-Me Authors

Top 10 Authors I Read For The First Time in 2016:

  1. E.K. Johnston: I’ve been following her for a while on Twitter but I read The Thousand Nights and Ahsoka this year – I highly recommend both! Filed under: Clever Girls, Found Families 
  2. Marie Brennan: A Natural History of Dragons is the pseudo-Victorian mystery featuring lots of dragons I have been looking for. Filed under: Scandalous Behavior, Dragon Anatomy, Science Ladies
  3. Rachel Hartman: I heard so much hype about Seraphina that by the time I picked it up I figured it couldn’t possibly live up to it. It did. Filed under: Dragons, OMG DRAGONS, Dragon Fights, Top-Notch Storytelling
  4. Kameron Hurley: She wrote a book called The Geek Feminist Revolution and I don’t think I need to say more than that. Filed under: Geek Culture, Women Are People and Other Important Facts
  5. Caleb Roehrig: Last Seen Leaving kept making me say, “Wait, you can’t do THAT!” and is definitely in my top 10 books of this year. Filed under: Fight The Patriarchy, Questionable Coping Mechanisms
  6. Rachel Caine: Prince of Shadows was hella dark but if you’re going to write Shakespeare fanfic you might as well go for it. Filed under: Romeo and Juliet But Even More Upsetting, Why, Rachel Why
  7. Michael J. Behe: Darwin’s Black Box was recommended to me when I started college. I guess that shows you how behind on my reading list I am. Filed under: Dumb Smart People, Smart Dumb People, Fair-minded Arguments
  8. Anne Pierson WieseFloating City: Poems was one of the few poetry books I read this year but it was very soothing and delicious. Filed under: Poetry is Delicious
  9. Harold Bloom: I can’t remember if I’ve read Harold Bloom before this year, so I’m putting him on here. He’s a little too obsessed with dead white guys but I can forgive that if he’s smart and well-read and can turn a phrase. Filed under: Problematic Faves, Lit Crit
  10. John Chu: I finally read some John Chu and it was as good as everyone keeps saying. Filed under: How Do You Word, Teach Me John Chu, Teach Meeeeeee

Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.


Author: bahnree

just a simple girl trying to read my way through the universe

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