#Ravelong: George Eliot

Welcome to the Silas Marner readalong on Bahnreads!


Before I started this readalong I hadn’t read Silas Marner but I am a huge fan of the author, George Eliot. I’ve read her book Middle-March, which is maybe her most famous and one of the best English novels of all time, or so I’m told. I enjoyed it, anyway. I’ve also read her novella The Lifted Veil which is a pretty strange time but you all might find it interesting.

George Eliot isn’t the author’s real name. Mary Ann Evans chose to write under a pseudonym, like Charlotte Bronte,  because she wasn’t sure her work would be received fairly by readers and critics if they knew she was a woman.

You can read a very brief overview of her life here at the BBC, or here at the Victorian Web. She’s a bit notorious for having a lot of affairs, often with married men, such as Henry Lewes, whom she lived with for 25 years. She had a lot of cool literary friends and contemporaries, including my literary boyfriend Henry James; there’s a good list here at the Victorian Web.

George Eliot also wrote a few books, including Middle-March, The Mill on the Floss, Daniel Deronda, and Silas Marner.

Rebecca Mead, who has written a couple of books on George Eliot and on Middle-March, has a good article here on not treating George Eliot like an easy read, titled “George Eliot: What did she ever do for us?”


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