#Ravelong Odds and Ends

I keep finding interesting Silas Marner-related links and articles and then have been unable to fit them into a blog post. So below, enjoy some links!

  • You can read up on Silas’ day-job here in “British Textiles Clothe the World.” There’s lots of relevant contextual information on all of the work that went into making clothes around Silas’ time and the evolution of textile technology onward. IDK I THOUGHT IT WAS INTERESTING.
  • I enjoyed this thoughtful review of the book at The Great Unread (vague spoilers only).
  • Yesterday I posted about Silas Marner covers, and there is more cover fun to be found here at Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings where they explores their library of Eliot books.
  • If you like podcasts, here’s an episode of Overdue, a podcast on the books you’ve been meaning to read, focused on Silas Marner. Spoiler warning! The podcasters are entertaining and well-organizedĀ (once they get through some chatting at the beginning).



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