Myth Monday: Rick Riordan Presents

If you, like me, love mythology retellings, you may or may not be thrilled about a new imprint starting soon: Rick Riordan Presents.

Rick Riordan, of course, has written several different series and spin-offs of mythology retellings for middle grade/young adult; these are mostly centered around Greek mythology but also feature Roman, Norse, and Egyptian myths.

If you read my blog and Myth Monday posts, you’ve probably guessed I’m a huge fan of his work.

However, Riordan can only write so many books, and he doesn’t feel comfortable writing a lot of world mythology that he isn’t as familiar with or that he may be accused of appropriating. SO! As a result, we get Rick Riordan Presents. This imprint (i.e. tiny publisher sub-division) will publish books for fans of Rick Riordan’s work. The books will be stories about other mythologies that Riordan hasn’t explored, and will be chosen by Riordan and his editor, Steph* Lurie. Their intention is to choose books that, while not the same as Riordan’s work, or featuring the same legends, will have the same appeal and accessibility.

If you aren’t excited yet, wait until you hear the titles and authors for RRP’s first three books, coming out in 2018:

  • Aru Shah and the End of Time: This is written by Roshani Chokshi. Aru Shah is aimed at middle grade readers and is based on Hindu mythology. It has been described as “Percy Jackson meets Sailor Moon” which fills me with giddy joy.I’m already a big fan of hers, having read The Star-Touched Queen (which I reviewed here and is also a reimagining of Hindu mythology).
  • Storm Runner: This is written by Jennifer Cervantes and will be based on Mayan mythology. I haven’t read any of Cervantes’ work but I also know almost nothing about Mayan mythology and I’m ready to expand my myth repertoire.
  • Dragon Pearl: This is written by Yoon Ha Lee. He wrote a book called Ninefox Gambit which I’ve heard really good things about (it’s on my giant tbr, shhhhh). Dragon Pearl will be based on Korean mythology but apparently it will also have science fiction elements, which, just, AHHHHH? I am so excited for space myth crazytimes.


You can read Rick Riordan’s FAQ on RRP here.


giphy (33).gif


*Steph! What a great name. There are some really great Stephs out there. I mean what**.
** (my name is Stephanie. That’s it, that’s the joke.)

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