September ’18 Reading Recap

My favorite reads this month were easily The Descent of Monsters (J.Y. Yang) and Rogue Protocol (Martha Wells). If I were a rich lady 300 years ago I would be their rich patron and keep them in my house and feed them while they wrote me all of the books.


Star Wars: Most Wanted by Rae Carson (4/5 stars)

The Unknown Weapon by Andrew Forrester (3/5 stars)

My Lady’s Money by Wilkie Collins (3/5 stars)

The Big Bow Mystery by Israel Zangwill (3/5 stars)

A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro (4/5 stars)

The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro (3/5 stars)

The Case for Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro (4/5 stars)

The Cobbler’s Boy by Elizabeth Bear and Katherine Addison (5/5 stars)

Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells (5/5 stars)

The Golden Tower by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare (3/5 stars)

William Shakespeare’s the Clones Doth Attacketh by Ian Doescher  (5/5 stars)

Leia: Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray (3/5 stars)

The Descent of Monsters by J.Y. Yang (5/5 stars)

Sam & Ilsa’s Last Hurrah by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan (2/5 stars)

The Dead Secret by Wilkie Collins (4/5 stars)

Graphic Novels

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: My Best Friend’s Squirrel by Ryan North (4/5 stars)

Lumberjanes: On a Roll by Shannon Watters (4/5 stars)

Wonder Woman: Godwatch by Greg Rucka (4/5 stars)

The Mighty Thor: Lords of Midgard by Jason Aaron (3/5 stars)

Giant Days Volume 5 by John Allison (5/5 stars)

Giant Days Volume 6 by John Allison (5/5 stars)

DC Bombshells: Queens by Marguerite Bennett (3/5 stars)

Ms. Marvel: Teenage Wasteland by G. Willow Wilson (5/5 stars)


Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars by Trisha Biggar (4/5 stars)

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (4/5 stars)

The SBL Handbook of Style

Alexander the Great and His Time by Agnes Savill (2/5 stars)


Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery (5/5 stars)



Author: bahnree

just a simple girl trying to read my way through the universe

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