In which I buy comics

All the Wonder Woman!
All the Wonder Woman!

Last Friday I bought comics for the first time. Well, mostly. Well, sorta. It was my first time buying comic issues, rather than trade paperbacks (TPB), and it was my first time buying from an actual store rather than ordering online or getting them through the library. Although it was a comic/hobby/book store, rather than a solely comics store. BUT STILL. I BOUGHT ISSUES. FROM A COMIC-DEALING STORE.

It was fabulous. And I decided that I have definitely become One Of Them.

I only started reading American comics (I’ve been reading manga for a while now) this year.

So I went to this local nerdy store called Dragonvine, because I had a few minutes to kill. I went to their little comic section and was looking through all the current issues and being greatly tempted by everything. Before this, I had just gone in there to drool. But I don’t normally buy issues because for series that I LOVE, I wait and buy the TPB, and for series I’m curious about but haven’t read, I check it out from the library first. So I’m lurking and looking at all the comics and this girl who works there asks if I need any help. I asked her if they had Young Avengers in (the new stuff, I love the old-ish series), because I knew it was coming out in January but I couldn’t remember what day. She informed me that it would be coming out in a couple weeks. I was so excited to meet a young female nerd (like myself) who clearly knows what’s up, without looking it up! Usually the people in stores who know about comics are the scary old dudes.

Then she went away, but I discovered their boxes of older issues that were marked down. So I prowled through there like a professional predator and found two issues that I haven’t been able to find in any TPBs. So I bought them. Hooray!

Fear Itself: Captain America and Fear Itself: Alpha Flight

The girl came back while I was looking and, out of the blue, asked if I liked Journey Into Mystery. I was like HAYYLLLL YES and we had a moment. And then I told her that I hadn’t read much of it because it was hard to find and she said yeah, they only get like two copies at the store even when there’s a brand new issue, and I was like that’s sad. So we had another moment. And then I bought my issues and she told me I made good choices and we approved of each other.

Also have I mentioned recently that I REALLY want to read the new Hawkeye title?