Blog Semi-Hiatus & Readalong Update!

I’m going on a semi-hiatus for the month of July 2017. What does this mean?

  • Regular series won’t be updated
  • I may or may not blog at any given time on a random topic
  • I will be paryting hearty
  • ^that means I will be reading, sunning, and working

The Readalong page has been updated.

Our next readalong will be The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling and I will post a schedule at some point this month. Hashtag: TBD. If you have hashtag ideas, leave me a comment!

You can catch up on Scripture Sunday here.

You can catch up on Myth Monday here.

You can read all of the Northanger Abbey posts here.

Thank you to my followers for stalking me, everyone who reads my blog, and all of my lurkers ! I love you all very much.

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