Treasure Island: Fancasting

I was trying to write this post but was really uninspired, partly because I’m fighting off the cold from hell, partly because I felt like anyone I chose was retreading the same old ground.

SO! I decided to engage Rule 63: “Rule 63 is a rule of the internet that reads as follows: “For any given male character, there is a female version of that character.” This rule’s exceptions are only in the instance that A: the male character is already so androgynous that a female version would be basically the same, or B: the female version hasn’t been drawn yet.”

Let’s do this.

Jim Hawkins: Amanda Troya

I was really tempted to cast Maisie Williams here, because she would be AN AMAZING JIM HAWKINS WOW, but she’s getting pretty old. Maisie Williams can be a pirate. Any pirate. Anyway, I’m really not very familiar with child actors right now but Amanda Troya impressed me in Annie (2014). I think she could pull off a vulnerable, idealistic, occasionally cynical Jim Hawkins very well.


Long John Silver: Zoe Saldana

This is the most difficult/complex character to play in the story for a lot of reasons, but I think Zoe Saldana could pull it off. Plus she has the swagger and attitude to look good doing it.


Dr. Livesey: Freema Agyeman

Freema would be perfect as the idealistic, fierce, professional doctor.


Squire Trelawney: Helena Bonham Carter

I was tempted to cast her as Silver, but I think she has awesome comedic skills and would be really great as the bumbling, determined, ambitious but good-hearted Trelawney.


Billy Bones: Gwendoline Christie

I love Gwendoline Christie and I don’t like casting her as a villain but picture her as a big, drunken, terrifying ex-pirate. It would be the best.


The Captain: Natalie Dormer

Because Natalie Dormer, honestly. I’d like her to captain her ship right into my heart (I might have a lot of Treasure Planet influence here, tbh).



As you may have noticed, I’m mostly just dropping my favorite actresses into this movie – I’m just missing Emily Blunt (she’d be a good Livesey, too) and Charlize Theron (Flint flashbacks? EEEEK), who would also make excellent pirates.

If you’d like to do your own fancasting, link it up in the comments or on the #TreasuRead hashtag!

Dracula: Fancasting

No spoilers past Chapter 7 in this post.

I haven’t seen a decent movie adaptation of Dracula yet (although I’m a huge fan of Nosferatu, against all odds) and it’s upsetting how much material there is in the book that would be perfect in a movie and hasn’t been used yet. I am terrible at fancasting (some of these are tongue-in-cheek) but I’m going to go for it. Feel free to comment or link me with your own choices!

In Order Of Appearance:

Shawn Ashmore as Jonathan Harker

Concept: Jonathan popping his collar for no reason as he approaches Castle Dracula.

Daniel Craig as Dracula

To be honest, I’m pretty sure Daniel Craig IS a vampire.

Eva Green as Mina Murray

I forgot until typing this that she was a Bond girl. Eva Green  probably hunts vampires in real life.

Lily James as Lucy Westenra

*looks like a cinnamon roll but slays all the boys*

Tom Hiddleston as Jack Seward

Seward is a nice man but he also creeps me out so I think Hiddles would do well.

Chris Pratt as Quincey Morris

He would make this face every time something vampiric happens. And then he’d shoot it.

Richard Madden as Arthur Holmwood:

I think he’d be good at Arthur’s “earnest but useless” function.

I left out some characters we haven’t met yet. This fancasting is super white, too: I went with Typical Hollywood Fare if that’s not obvious. I might do another one and/or a POC one when we’re further along.