Judge A Book: Silas Marner

I noticed that all of the Silas Marner copies I have come across are ugly, ranging from Slightly Off-putting to Dreadfully Awful. I thought surely there must be some beautiful Silas Marner covers out there, and set out to search for them.

I’m amazed by how many showed Silas as a very old man???? Isn’t he supposed to be 40 or something?

I did find some lovely Silas Marner covers, which I might share in a future post, but I found many more horrifying ones. Below are the Absolute Worst Silas Marner covers I found.

There is so much to unpack here that I am afraid to try.

Points for attempted artsiness, but someone needs to go back to graphic design school.

I would refuse to remain in the same house as that man. 

Something about this makes me think they’re fleeing the French Revolution.

Congratulations, you’ve succeeded in making me want to put this book down and run far away.

Maybe bring the homicidal maniac aesthetic down a few notches.

Silas spends all of his money on LSD and we never sleep again.

In which Silas marries a beautiful alien and becomes one of them.