The Jungle Books Readalong

Our August Readalong is The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling! We will be reading from August 1 through September 11 (6 weeks). The Readalong hashtag will be #JungleRead . Please join us; there are no prerequisites for this kind of shenanigan!

JunglebookCoverThere are two collections of stories, so make sure your edition has both of them. Book 1 should start with “Mowgli’s Brothers” and end with “Parade-song of the Camp Animals.” Book 2 should start with “How Fear Came” and end with “The Outsong.”

I’m using the Barnes & Noble Classics paperback. Project Gutenberg has Book 1 and Book 2 . Kindle has a free version here.

I’m looking forward to reading this book with you! I will be hanging out on Twitter and posting here on the blog. If you’re planning to do any Jungle Books-related blogging or projects, let me know. I’m going to try to do a scheduled chat at least once during the month; day and time TBD but it will likely be a Saturday.


Reading Schedule

August 7th: You should have read through “Road-Song of the Bandar-Log”

August 14th: You should have read through “Darzee’s Chaunt”

August 21st: You should have read through “The Law of the Jungle”

August 28th: You should have read through “A Ripple Song”

September 4th: You should have read through “Angutivan Tina”

September 11th: You should have finished the book through “The Outsong”


Blog Semi-Hiatus & Readalong Update!

I’m going on a semi-hiatus for the month of July 2017. What does this mean?

  • Regular series won’t be updated
  • I may or may not blog at any given time on a random topic
  • I will be paryting hearty
  • ^that means I will be reading, sunning, and working

The Readalong page has been updated.

Our next readalong will be The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling and I will post a schedule at some point this month. Hashtag: TBD. If you have hashtag ideas, leave me a comment!

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Thank you to my followers for stalking me, everyone who reads my blog, and all of my lurkers ! I love you all very much.

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